Consulting and Support

In spite of their age, Mainframe Environments keep giving Support to Big Enterprises, Financial Institutions, Public Services and Utilities Operations, due to their Evolution Capability and Adaptation. These Platforms, in which Strategic Business Applications reside, can be optimized and reduce their operational Costs. In order to do it, INARSYS makes an assessment that provides the Customer with information about how to optimize the plataform.

In this type of Analysis, INARSYS provides Information about the current Situation of z/OS Environment. In order to do that, a Study is carried on based on Data collected from the Infrastructure through Information provided by the RMF Monitor, RMF Batch Reports, Commands, etc. With the Data so obtained, a Study is made to establish the Systems and Subsystems behaviors and, later, Improvements are proposed in different Areas, at the Technical Level and at Procedural Level as well (Improvements int the Provider’s Type of Contract, Architecture, SW Base, Communications, etc).

This INARSYS-provided Service is aimed to those Clients that have decided to Outsource their Mainframe Platform, and, in spite of their own Resources Reduction, want to still maintain the technical Control of the Mainframe. With this Service, INARSYS supports the Client technically, for them to be able to manage the Activities developped by the Mainframe Platform Outsourcer.

Via a Service based on “Technologic Towers”, INARSYS provides the Client with the Capability to tecnhnically control the Outsourcer’s Activities, in those Areas deemed relevant by the Client, in order to optimize those Resources of the Mainframe handled by the Outsource, and getting the máximum Results of the Technology favoring Business Needs.

The Assessment is a tool of a high technical Specifics for the exhaustive Evaluation of the State of the Communications for a technical Implementation or of an already implemented Network. The gathered Data in this type of Analysis are actual Data and therefore they allow to assess the Communication Infrastructure with Accuracy. The parameters to be taken into account are the Bandwidth, the Latency, and the Quality of the Line.

Given INARSYS Knowledge in Datacenter Management and its Communications and due to the continuous Difficulty implementing new Services and Applications, remote Access Problems of the Development Teams and Administrators, and Issues to solve any type of Incident in the Networks, INARSYS has developed Capabilities to perform Audits allowing Clients to actually know their Netorks States in terms of their architectural and methodological Deficiencies and hidden Problems.