Creation of High Performance and Low Latency Architectures

The Way Enterprises provide IT Services to their Users is pursuing a profound Change in the last Years. The Capacity of the current Computational Systems is not prepared to process the big Amounts of Data and perform High Speed complex Calculations that the Industry is demanding and therefore a new Type of Architecture becomes necessary in the Companies.

With the Proliferation of Data, the Need to extract Information from Big Data, and the ever-increasing Demand of the Clients with quasi Real-Time Services, “High-Performance and Low Latency Architectures” are becoming indispensable, especially when AI Technologies need to be applied.

In several Industries, such as the Energy Sector for the seismic Analysis while looking for Petrol and Gas, in the medical Investigation for the Treatment of advanced Images, in the financial Sector for the Evaluation of the Events of operational Risks, etc., the Implementation of this type of Architecture becomes necessary. On the other hand, with these types of Architectures, traditional Architectures can be simplified, as well as Personnel reduced, both System Engineers and Operators within the Datacenter.

Given INARSYS Experience with Datacenter Services, it is a reliable Partner for those Clients that need to innovate in their Datacenters with Architectures that include the Integration of high Performance CPUs and CGUs with the new High-speed and High-bandwidth Networks (Infiniband, RDMA, ROCE), together with the Handling of Big Volumes of Information (NVMe).