Personnel responsible of IT have to deal with demand increases in Business Areas and, at the same time, reducing costs of all their technological Assets, very specifically of their Data Center Infrastructure. To help our Clients to deal with Budget Reductions, INARSYS has designed Solutions to cut down costs in the Data Center based on a Strategy in concert with the Customer and performing in the following Areas:

– Architecture

– Consumption Management

– Working Model

– Contracts Negotiation

– Service Levels

Apart its main Purpose of Cost Reduction, concerning the Mainframe, we contribute to the other Goals of Infrastructure Simplification, Time-to-Market Reduction, and Processes Transformation.

Current Organizations wish to simplify and reduce Service Provisioning Complexity while at the same time maintain Operation Stability. In order to satisfy this Need of our Clients, INARSYS has implemented a Solution that allows to Provision, Configure, Patch and Operate the different Infrastructures, Physical as well as Virtual, fulfilling Norms and Policies of Security. The Solution provides:

– Total Management of the different Environments, using a Single Portal of Self-service.

– An augmented Operation with Capabilities of Analysis, Integration, Monitoring, and Reporting.

– An Improvement in Time-to-Market of the Production Setup of Any New Service.

– Efficiently Integrate, timely and properly, the different Heterogeneous Environments.

– Make easy the Compatibility between the legacy Infrastructures with Cloud and Container Environments.

– Drastically reduce Provisioning Errors, keeping updated the Entire Infrastructure with Policies, Norms, or Security.

All the above applies to both physical and virtual Elements, Networks, Data Bases, and Middleware, independently of being Server Farms, Clouds, or Containers.

As Business Areas increase Pressure on IT to obtain more flexible and more secure Services, the traditional DC is losing Vantage in favor of the Software Defined Datacenters (SDDC), and therefore, we are arriving at a new Era for the CTI Infrastructure. Companies need agile technical Infrastructures and as such, the SDDCs via Software Abstraction, virtualize the Data Centers Components: Computation, Storage, Networks, whereas the Software based on Policies control the Management of the Infrastructure.

The Software Defined Datacenter is a Solution to eliminate the Complexities of Enlargements, Modifications, and Adaptations of the Datacenters Hardware, managing all Changes through Software. In INARSYS we are Datacenters Specialists and therefore we design SDDC Solutions that:

– Allow to simplify the Infrastructures with an homogeneous HW.

– Permit to easily detect the Cause of possible Degradation of the Service, monitoring in detail the Whole Datacenter and its Performance.

– Transform the Business Processes by applying a Global Vision.

– Limit the Costs within the Datacenters, increasing/modifying the Network without physical Intervention.

– Improve the Time-to-Market of the Production Setup of Any New Service.

Traditionally, Datacenters have been Locations with a chronic Cabling Problem, due to Servers Interconnection Needs to different Networks (LAN, SAN), to the Network Redundancy in case of Failures, and to the Distances within the Datacenters, causing a high Cost of Installation and Maintenance of such a Cabling. Traditional aggregation Devices (LAN and SAN) partially alleviate this Problem, generating others such as Congestion, Oversubscription and Needs of managing Quality of Service, increasing Configurations Complexities, Maintenance and Events Management.

In order to reduce Complexity and provide a bigger Flexibility to the Connectivity of the Devices, INARSYS has designed the Wavelength Interconnect Rack Protocol Independent (WIRPI)”, to decrease and simplify the Infrastructure of Fiber. With this System:

– The aggregation Devices of the Racks can be eliminated, since WIRPI allows a Reduction of Cabling without de Disadvantages of the traditional LAN and SAN Devices.

– The Follow-up of the connected Interface (LAN, SAN) is automatic, helping to eliminate the typical patching Errors.

– Early Detection, Location, and Follow-up of Events of the Fibers is possible, even prior to their Degradation.

– Just one single Fiber Link per Rack is necessary for All the different Protocols and All the Channels.

– Real-Time Monitoring of the Cabling and its Management with End-to-End Information of the Channel State.

– There will be no Latency within the Datacenter.

– Integration with Software Defined Networks.