Ethic Code

INARSYS Ethic Code constitutes a Guide for all the Employees in their Professional Activities in terms of their Daily Work, Used Resources, and the Business Environment in which it occurs. The Ethic Code provides the Guidelines that clarify the Basic Principles of All Performances and the Interpersonal Relations with Co-workers, Partners, Providers, Clients, and in general Any Person directly or indirectly involved in the Company’s Activities. Our Performances are based on the Respect for Our Corporate Values, and Our Employees adapt their Behavior respecting Our Business Ethic and Professionalism, with the Goal of becoming a Reference in those Terms and thus perceived.

1.- HONESTY: Every INARSYS Employees commit to reveal any Personal or Professional Relationship that could influence our Behavior as INARSYS Employees. Furthermore, we inculcate Honesty and Professional Ethic in Business Relationships, we promote Trust to declare any Personal or Professional Relationship that could affect INARSYS Interests, and we avoid Conducts against Free Competition.

2.- RESPECT: Every and Each INARSYS Employee is Responsible for generating a Cordial and Kind Atmosphere in Our Environment. In order to do that, we promote Respect and Trust among People, support Diversity of Opinions, we care for the Language used with Third Parties, promote Respect and Actual Opportunity Equality between Men and Women, maintain our working Environment free of all Discrimination, and respect the Environment cooperating with Sustainable Development.

3.- GOOD FAITH: Adjusting at all Times our Performance to the Principles of Loyalty and good Faith to the Company, the Management, Colleagues, and Partners we have a Relationship with. We emphasize the Desire of Achievement and the Spirit of Improvement. The Preoccupation to achieve the fixed Goals has to be Constant and Continuous. We empower optimistic Attitudes versus pessimistic ones. We submit personal Goals to the general Goals of the Company. We care there is no Conflict between both, and we act giving Priority to the Interests of the Company versus personal or third Party Interests.

4.- CONFIDENCIALITY: We’ll refrain from providing, internally or externally, confidential Data about People and/or Activities developed within the Company. We’ll, however, provide Data necessary for INARSYS Employees to correctly perform their Jobs, with a strict Respect to their Confidentiality Duties. We prevent Conducts contrary to Free Competition, or that imply an Act of Faithless Competition.

Our Ethical Code is the Fundamental Pillar of INARSYS Presence in the ICT Sector. Any Client that establishes a Relationship with INARSYS, must have sufficient Guarantees of Commitment and Trust that All our Proposals will be fulfilled.

1. PASSION FOR THE CLIENT: All Employees aspire to offer a maximum quality Product to our Clients and to have an excellent Attention Level. Excellence and Quality of Service are constant Guides of Behavior, promoting a healthy Interest of continuous Improvement. The Resources provided by INARSYS seek Innovation Furtherance and Clients Services Deployment, with Rentability Criteria.

2. EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT: In INARSYS we work efficiently throughout the working Hours, exploiting to the full the Time and Resources that the Company makes available to Us in a rigorous and rational Way. We all commit to our Jobs, focusing in obtaining optimal and most productive Results.

3. TEAM PERFORMANCE: INARSYS Employees will favor Team Working and acknowledge the contribution of Others in the achievement of common Results. As Members of a Team we contribute with the same Commitment within our Area of Expertise as without. Team Working Attitude prevails and outstands over any individual Act.

4. KEEPING REPUTATION: We consider the Company’s Image and Reputation as one of its most precious Assets in order to maintain the Trust of its Clients. We watch over the Respect and Correct Use of the Corporate Image and Reputation, from all the Personnel within the Company Environment. The Image of the Brand is visually displayed with our Company Logo, of which there exist Norms of Utilization protecting its Use and that are to be respected.