Networks and Communications

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The Communication Performance and its correct Operation in a Company depends of a great Deal of Factors, among which the Speed and Quality of the Service Provider Network Connection, the Devices used and their Configurations can be highlighted. Therefore, Communications must have balanced and optimized Configurations in order to not affect the Performance of the Services. As a consequence, the Network has to be a prime Asset and INARSYS provides Solutions that:

– Improve the Network Performance of the WAN used. To achieve this Goal, Protocols, Line Speeds, and the Configurations of the I/O Processors have to be adjusted to their Optimum Performance.

– Improve the Performance of the LAN Network. In this Case, the Configuration of the Parameters of Line Description must be made in order to improve the System and avoid the Bottlenecks of the Performance of the Systems, without overloading the I/O Processors in the Servers Configuration.

– Improve the Performance of the Services Access Network (Data). In this Part, the Configuration of Subsystems is taken into Account for the Errors Recovery Performance, the Communication Performance of Interactive Jobs, etc.

Datacenter Networks Management is being transformed by Dynamics such as the “Software Defined Networks (SDN)” Solutions. In the Software Defined Networks, Administrators can give Form to the Traffic from a centralized console, without the need of managing each individual Device.   Therefore, SDNs present themselves as an Alternative that provide higher Speed, a more agile Infrastructure, and a lower Cost for Datacenter Platforms. In Summary, they provide:

– Simplification of Network Management by reducing their Complexity.

– Centralized Network Management and Control, with automatic Monitoring.

– Faster Service Provisioning via open APIs that allow an easy Integration with all Network Devices.

– Suppression of traditional manual Configuration of Connectivity between Devices.