The Management of INARSYS S.L. in its Will to guarantee the Delivery of the Service and offer its Clients Services and Products of a better Quality every Day, in its Activities of:

“Professional Activities of Consulting, Architecture and Engineering of Technology Infrastructures of Communications & Information”

Has established this Policy of Quality, along with its Strategic Management and based upon:


Our Mission is to back and optimize the Processes of Technology Innovation undertaken by our Clients, to help them to exploit all the Potential of their Business Processes and Work Flows.


We want to be a Player that performs in all Areas of Activity in the CTI Market to lead the Market of Service Engineering seeking the Progress, Development and constant Improvement of each and every Player that is part and participate in that Market.


Our Values represent our Identity as a Collective. We are different because the People working in INARSYS make of this Enterprise a Unique and Differentiate Project. Therefore, in order to face the Challenges proposed we force ourselves to:

1. Quickly Focus the Solution of the Issue and propose realistic Alternatives, Viable and of Quality.

2. Rapidly Adopt Changes and Requests of the professional Environment.

3. Attentively listen to the Clients to exactly know their Needs and propose adequate Solutions.

4. Actively listen, with an open and respectful Mind, to the Opinion of all involved Parties in any Situation.

5. Actively search the Times to improve Products and Services and create new Business Opportunities.

6. Profit the Opportunities and Problems to give novel Solutions.

7. Constantly update the technological Knowledge to pioneer Innovations.

8. Know the Needs and Expectations of the Clients to develop and apply Solutions that increase their Satisfaction.

9. Efficiently assist the Clients maintaining at all Times an agile and resolute Behavior that empowers the Credibility and Reputation of the Company and of its Professionals.

10. Assist the Clients with maximum Interest and strive to interpret their Requests, being this the number one Priority Feature of all the Professionals of the Company.

11. Be able to work in multi-disciplinal Teams, of different Units, Companies, and Countries, creating an Environment of mutual Trust and Respect.

12. Cooperate with the Rest of the Organization assuming Commitments directed to getting common Goals.

13. Orient the Efforts towards a common Goal, taking into Account each individual Contribution no matter how little it looks.

14. Respect Differences, Opinions, and Diversity.

15. Be respectful with the Environment and Policies of Sustainability.


INARSYS Policy of Quality, according to Norm UNE-EN-ISO 9001, is based on the following Principles/Commitments:

1. Commitment to fulfill All Requests of the Management System and All the relevant Requisites (Rules and Laws related to our Activity, normative Requisites according to the norm UNE EN ISO 9001, contractual ones and of other Kinds).

2. Commitment to continuously improve the implemented Management System.

3. Commitment to efficiently and capably control All our Processes and their possible effects on the Quality of our Service, especially:

– Relationships with our Clients and other interested Parties.

– Quality of the provided Services and Compliance of the agreed Commitments.

– Give a High Value to our Clients, through the Pursuing of the contractually defined Goals.

– Continuous Innovation of the Services.

4. Spread the Policy of Quality of our Organization, enabling its Knowledge, Understanding, and Application by the Personnel of the Organization.

5. Promote the Personnel’s Implication and Consciousness through Instruction and continuous Awareness of its Employees, for the Personnel to assume the Principle “The Quality is Everyone’s Matter”.


In terms of the Principles of Ethical Behavior, Respect, Confidentiality, and Use of the Information we comply with the Norms of Personal Data Protection of all the People we have access to due to our Jobs. The Employees of INARSYS are characterized by a prominent proactive Attitude concerning the treatment of confidential Information. The Information is Property of the Company and must be shared whenever it is Beneficial and Necessary for the Company. In our Behavior:

– We provide to the People in Charge, truthful necessary, complete and timely Information about the Development of the Activities in our Scope; and to our Colleagues, that Information necessary for the proper Development of their Jobs.

– Professional Secret is maintained of all the Data, Reports, Accounts, Balances, strategic Plans and other Activities of INARSYS and its Personnel, that are not of Public Domain, and whose Publicity can affect the Interests of the Company. We won’t provide that Information, safe when explicitly authorized.

– Third Parties Information is Ethically and Legitimately obtained, rejecting all that Information improperly obtained or that constitutes a Violation of the Enterprise Secrecy or of the Confidentiality thereof.

– In Case of having Doubts about the adequate Treatment of the Information, we request the Valuation of our Person in Charge about its correct Status.

– The Programs, Computational Systems, Manuals, Videos, Courses, Studies, Reports, etc., made, developed, or improved in INARSYS cannot be used for personal Use, or that of third Parties, nor obtain Profits or Lucre, since that the Company maintains at all Times the intellectual Property of these.

– As a general Rule, the stricter Confidentiality is applied to the utilization of internal Knowledge outside the Enterprise Environment, preserving our State of the Art.

– Only will computational Systems, Software, Material, Reports, etc., be used when INARSYS has acquired the corresponding License, respecting at all Times their intellectual and industrial Property.

– The Utilization of computational Devices is subject to INARSYS Security Policy, in order to prevent harms to third Parties and/or the Company itself.

– Access to the Systems to act fraudulently or for self-benefit is absolutely prohibited.

The Companies are compelled to improve their Employees Health and Safety through a comprehensive Methodology, so preventing Work Accidents and professional Illness from happening that could affect the Employees Life Quality and, furthermore, cause economic Costs. In order to achieve this Goal the Companies, according to the European Union Directive (Directive Framework 89 /391 / CEE), are compelled to apply Measures to promote the Improvement of Health and Safety of the Employees at the Work Center. INARSYS Management, pursuing the before mentioned Directive, has introduced the Context of Health & Safety Work Relations. In order to do that:

– Through preventive Activity, we commit to prevent Harms and Hazards to Health and improve the Management and Performance of Health and Safety, with a clear Orientation to minimizing and suppression of Risks.

– The Determination of the preventive Measures will be made trying to always act on the Origin of the Risks.

– The Planning of the Prevention will determine coherent Activities that integrate Technics, Work Organization, Work conditions, social Relationships, and the Influence of environmental Conditions in the Workplace.

– The Employees will receive sufficient Information and Instruction to access potentially and specific hazardous zones, in case they exist.

– The Employees will have the Right to actively participate in those Questions related to Safe and Safety.

The Goal of this Protocol is to define the Steps that allow the Persons who work in INARSYS to identify a potential Situation of moral, sexual, or sexual-oriented Bullying, in order to solve discriminatory Situations and, in that case, minimize their consequences, guaranteeing the Persons Rights.

– Declaration of Principles:

Every Person has the Right to receive a courteous, respectful and dignified Treatment, as well as the Safeguard of their Fundamental Rights as Workers.

– Moral or Psychological Bullying:

Defined as the Conduct, Practice, or Behavior systematically or repeatedly made within a working Relationship, that results in a direct or indirect Undermining or Attempt against the Dignity of the Person whom is tried to be emotionally and psychologically subdued in violent or hostile Way, and that pursues to annul their Capability, professional Promotion, or Permanence in their working Place, negatively affecting their Work Environment.

– Preventive Measures:

INARSYS commits to foment the Respect and Consideration among all Persons who work in the Company and for that Communication Campaigns will be made, and promoting specific Instruction and Actions, deemed necessary for the Compliance of the Goals of the Protocol, will be performed.